Joseph Brentner. A Catalogue of His Works (Brk)
Johann Joseph Ignaz Brentner
Brk 34

Gloria Libani

The work was created as an antiphon for the festive novena to St. Teresa of Ávila. P. Carolus Josephus à Sigismundo OCD commissioned Brentner in Prague to compose music for the feast introduced by the Discalced Carmelite nuns of Graz in 1718. The whole set in its entirety has survived solely in an anonymous and incomplete source. Still, out of all eighteen pieces, only two have no concordances in other sources: the present composition and "Sancta mater Teresia" Brk 42. The work appears to have been composed by Brentner, although no concordant reference providing explicit attribution to Brentner is known.

C, A, T, B ; 2 vl, org (= bc)
Contained in: [Music for the novena to St. Teresa] Brk Coll 07

Composition: 1718




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