Joseph Brentner. A Catalogue of His Works (Brk)
Johann Joseph Ignaz Brentner
Brk 25

Audi, filia

The work was composed as an antiphon for the festive novena to St. Teresa of Ávila. In Prague, Brentner was commissioned by P. Carolus Josephus à Sigismundo OCD to compose music for the religious celebration introduced originally by the Discalced Carmelite nuns of Graz in 1718. The composition has survived in two anonymous sources only, but the authorship is explicitly indicated in the music inventory of P. Ignatius Müllner, SJ.

C, A, T, B ; 2 vl, org (= bc)
Contained in: [Music for the novena to St. Teresa] Brk Coll 07

Composition: 1718

Edition: Offertoria solenniora (Academus Edition 6)



Parts, anonymous copy of Audi, filia
[Classification: notated music, manuscript, copy, parts, complete]
Text on the cover: Offertorium | De Virginibus | Sponsabo te mihi | à | Canto, Alto, Tenore Basso | 2 Violinis [later inscription in pencil: 2 Trombonis] | et | Organo. | Auth. ignoto | [designation of the owner Jan František Novák]. In the original title text on the inside of the back cover, the information Auth. ignoto was inscribed later.
9 parts; 34 × 21 cm
The parts are marked Canto, Alto, Tenore, Basso, Violino Primo, Violino 2do, and Organo (two copies, the second of which is written in a different hand). The Alto Trombone and Tenore Trombone parts were written later in a different hand on a different paper. The trombones play with the A and T.
Academus Edition: Source D
CZ-Pak (Archiv Pražského hradu, Hudební sbírka svatovítské katedrály, Prague) 1577 RISM record
Lost transcript owned by P. Ignatius Müllner, SJ
[Classification: Inventory record]
Listed in the inventory of P. Ignatius Müllner on page 18 (Mottetta De Virginibus, Mart. Viduis): 6. Audi filia â 4. Voc. 2. VV. 2. Tromb. | 4 Rip. con Organo, Violone. Brendtner.


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