Joseph Brentner. A Catalogue of His Works (Brk)
Johann Joseph Ignaz Brentner
Brk Coll. 2

Offertoria solenniora, op. 2

Printer: Jiří Ondřej Laboun
Dedicatee: Raymund II. Willfert von Adlersfeld

Brentner’s second printed opus was published in Prague in 1717. The collection was dedicated to the abbot of the Premonstratensian monastery in Teplá and contains six offertories for the standard setting of four vocal parts with instrumental accompaniment consisting of the “Kirchentrio”, i.e. two violins and basso continuo. Dlabacž mentioned the collection in his lexicons under the title "Laudes matutinae", see Brk Coll. 5


Composition: Not after 1717

Edition: Offertoria solenniora (Academus Edition 6)



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