Joseph Brentner. A Catalogue of His Works (Brk)
Johann Joseph Ignaz Brentner, Francesco Durante
Brk Coll. 9

[Vesperae de Confessore]

As can be seen from the survey of sources, the Vesper Psalms by Brentner have survived in many different sets. From the viewpoint of their utilisation it is possible to distinguish two sets, “de Confessore” and “de Beata Virgine Maria” (Brk Coll. 10); this catalogue follows the same logic in categorization of sources. Emilián Trolda (see Bibliography) was the first to point out the crucial problem of authorship attribution: the music survived as works by Brentner, Jacob, Schmidt, Durante or anonymously and it is very hard or even impossible to solve the problem of authorship on the basis of style.




Last changed: 2021-01-15
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