Joseph Brentner. A Catalogue of His Works (Brk)
Johann Joseph Ignaz Brentner
Brk 89

Sag, was ist diese Welt

The German mourning motet for four voices with "Canto praecinente" accompanied by the "Kirchentrio" was composed for one of the religious brotherhoods of St Nicholas Church at the Lesser Town of Prague. The title page of the autograph parts bears the numeral XII, which indicates the appurtenance to the whole set of compositions. Performance dates are written on the back of the cover (days and months only), which enable to date the composition to 1717 or 1723, since the regular worship of the confraternity always took place on Monday.

S, A, T, B ; 2 vl, org (= bc)
Contained in: [German Funeral Motets] Brk Coll 06

Composition: 1717 or 1723

Edition: Prager deutsche Meister der 1. Hälfte des 18. Jahrhunderts



Manuscript score by E. Trolda
[Classification: notated music, manuscript, score, complete]
CZ-Pnm (Národní muzeum – České muzeum hudby, Prague) XXVIII F 226


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