Joseph Brentner. A Catalogue of His Works (Brk)
Johann Joseph Ignaz Brentner
Brk 64

O, Deus, ego amo te

The work has survived uniquely in the source kept in the music collection of the Göttweig Abbey. In many respects, the appearance both of the title page and the musical text (spacing, plentiful use of capital letters, characteristic style of musical notation) is similar to the autograph manuscripts by Brentner (see Brk 1, Brk 2, Brk 4, Brk 85, Brk 86, Brk 89), but at the same time, they differ from them strikingly in certain individual details (shapes of clefs, some majuscules etc.). Another Brentner aria, “Venite ad me omnes” Brk 80 preserved at the same collection was written by the same hand. It is possible that in both cases, these are the composer’s autograph manuscripts written at a time far removed from when the already known manuscripts were written (perhaps in the middle of 1720s?) or else they are copies that are closely tied to the autograph manuscript and that imitate its basic features. With regard to its content, the manuscript is very consistent and reliable, and that likewise points towards its closeness to the composer According to the numeral in the title page, at least 4 similar “concertos” were written. Today only No. 4 is known apart the present composition, see Brk 80.

A, vl solo or ob, vla conc, bc

Edition: Duchovní árie I / Sacred Arias I (Academus Edition 2)



Lost copy from Rajhrad
[Classification: Inventory record]
Listed in 1725 music inventory from the Benedictine monastery in Rajhrad (De Nomine Jesu. Concertus): O Deus ego amo te   Brentner. The record could possibly represent also Brk 63. Source is presumably lost.


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